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Mellow Gecko Sunset Painting


Mellow Gecko Sunset Canvas Painting

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Product Description

This painting finds Mr. Gecko relaxing on his rock as the sun goes down.  Mr. Gecko, his friends call him “Blue” has made some great decisions this week.  He decided to get out of the house more and go out dancing.  He realized that it’s not good for a gecko such as himself to be alone so much of the time.  He’s decided that tomorrow he’s going to get out there and struck his gecko stuff.  Tonight though, he’s going to relax and watch the sun go down before bed.  He’s learning to drink in the beauty all around him and he likes it. 

Maybe, he thinks to himself, just maybe tomorrow when he heads down to the Gold Gecko Lounge and bowling alley he’ll ask Hazel to dance.  She’s like Blue, she’s an older gecko, but he likes her style and her colors.  Yep, Blue thinks to himself again, that’s what I’m gonna do. 

This would make a wonderful gift or a new piece for your own wall.  Blue is ready to share his world with you.

Blue is painted on a wrapped canvas that has been stapled in the back.  The sides are painted black so he is ready to hang on the wall right out of the box.  This piece has been sealed with three coats of high gloss varnish to protect it.  The colors absolutely pop on this painting.  It measures  11 X 14 inches.  It’s a wonderful size.